Accident at Work
Employers are governed by a Statute to maintain a safe working environment, if in any case this has not been provided consequently leading to an employee injury, the employee is within their rights to seek compensation. The compensation could include lost earnings and medical expenses among other factors.We can help you to claim and get the compensation for work accident Common Types of Accident at work claims;
  • Faulty work equipment compensation
  • Ladder fall compensation
  • Forklift accident compensation
  • Back Injury compensation
  • Construction/Building work accident compensation
  • Vibration White Finger or Raynauds syndrome.
A wide-ranging set of injuries can be caused by each of the above listed unfortunate accidents, commonly occurring include broken and fractured bones, muscle or ligament damage, spinal injury, brain or head injury and burns. It is also important to emphasis the employer’s responsibility of care extends to industrial disease along with physical injuries, this includes deafness, asbestos related issues, asthma, skin conditions and occupational cancers.
How to Make a Claim?
Complete our contact form to receive a call from an experienced claims management company who will recommend you to a specialist solicitor. You can only make a claim if you have been injured in the previous three years.