Why you should contact your personal injury claim solicitor as early as possible

Mostly people know and understand that they have only up to 3 years to the accident date to settle their personal injury claims but we should suggest that you should proceed your claim as soon as possible. Mostly of the people don’t claim their injury soon after their accident as they have a lot of time to do so, but this is not the best way to proceed because of numerous reasons. 3 Memory Fade out: As we know that every one memories fades out with time. The witness of the injury claim may forget the key components and crucial facts about the injury that were supposed to be told to personal injury lawyer in first place Witnesses:

The witness will be harder to locate and to make contact with them and convince them to do the right thing.


CCTV footage may no longer be available. Changes in Laws: As we know the laws chances every day and new policies are included in laws. If you delay seeing your personal lawyer and filing injury lawsuit it might deny your right to claim your personal injury or reduce your chance of winning Difficult to trace: If you want to claim against your employer and some business man they might move or became very difficult to trace later on Evidence removed/destroy: Another reason is that they possibility of critical evidence being destroyed or removed and witness may possible forget the details. personal injury claim solicitor
  • Contact personal injury lawyer firm as soon as possible so they can work to give you the compensation and benefits you deserve. They personal lawyer in law firms knows about the tricks different companies play and their ways they try to minimize claims and benefits to the victims. Your personal injury attorney can gather evidence and get you best compensation and benefits.

How a personal injury lawyer can help you?

A personal injury lawyer is also known as mostly trial lawyer who provides you the legal representation. Personal injury lawyer basically excel in area known as tort law which includes civil and private wrongs including defamation and action for bad faith or for breach of contract. The main goal of tort law is to discourage other from committing the same offense. Personal injury lawyer help the victims to receive special compensation for their losses including the loss of their earning (due to physical or mental disability), medical expenses (Past, present and future), legal cost and attorney fees. personal injury claim solicitor
  • Personal Injury Lawyer skills:
The personal injury lawyer possesses special skills. The excel at oral advocacy, negotiation and client development and possess special skills set in the niche field of personal injury law.
  • Education:
Personal injury lawyers have same education and career training as every other lawyer. They must have same degree and pass bar degree to get into law.   Why should you hire personal injury lawyer? A personal injury  cases can sometimes be very complex. Such cases require attention to every detail. Hiring an expert personal injury lawyer is plays a vital and effective role in order to win such cases and protect your legal rights. The other organization from where you intend to demand your legal rights they have the best legal counsel on their side as well. Your personal injury lawyer can assist you in completing the paper work for your claim. They can also negotiable with opposing legal counsel to get you’re the best deal. Mostly of the personal injury lawyer s work on the basis contingency that means wouldn’t charge you unless you win your case. If you think you don’t have a good case? You can always speak with the personal injury lawyer about the merits of your case. download

Construction Accident Injuries can be claimed through Serious Injuries Solicitors

General contracting is a serious business. Construction contractors, electricians, roofers, and painters experience a higher rate of injury and fatality each year than any other industry, including those that many label as “more dangerous” than general contracting. There are numerous occupational injuries, especially construction injuries that could be sustained in your chosen career field, but some are more common than others, and cause far more occurrences and worst-case scenario fatalities. General contractors have a dangerous job; the best way to ensure that you and your family are protected is to always maintain safety regulations, improve observant awareness, and ensure that Serious Injuries Solicitors are there to help you out in case of serious or even minor occupational injury. construction injuries compensation The most common type of injury associated with general contracting is a fall. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls account for over 24,000 injuries per year, in the United Kingdom alone. Most of the construction injury occurrences due to occupation related falls result in needing time off from work, but more serious injuries could result in permanent damage. Electricians, plumbers, roofers, construction workers, and painters account for most of these injuries. Occurrences generally involve falling from High beams, Ladders, Stairways, Unsafe conditions. Many or all of these conditions can be avoided by applying proper safety measures to avoid damages. The second most serious injury related to general contracting is being crushed by way of being caught in equipment, or between two surfaces with the inability to escape. Laceration and slashes are a serious result in many injuries, as industrial strength materials usually have the ability to cut directly through tissue or bone. The third most happening of serious injuries is due to collisions i.e. being “struck by” or hit by an overhead load or miscellaneous object accounts for a large number of construction injuries and other work-related injuries. According to OSHA, 75% of these injuries are sustained due to heavy equipment and work-related machinery such as cranes (or even trucks). workplace_injury_hero_bg How to Get Yourself Pro-Claimed? Scaffolding is a dangerous entity in construction work and should be up-to-date in OSHA standards regarding safety at all times. It should be inspected upon the beginning of each shift, and should be regularly fitted with appropriate equipment and should be supported properly at all times. Construction injuries are most often prevented with the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as appropriate face and eyewear, hardhats, appropriate gloves, and slip-resistant hard-toe boots. Falling and crushing injuries are best prevented by safety handrails, the appropriate harnesses, safety nets, sturdy and up-to-date equipment, and an area free of clutter. Prevention is a major factor in work-related injuries, and overlooking safety regulations is the main cause of incident. Protect yourself, your livelihood, and your family. Time off from work is detrimental to your finances and your well-being. Maintain all legal and proper safety protocols, keep up-to-date PPE, and protect yourself with Serious Injuries Solicitors who can help you out in claiming your payments for facing any damages. You and your family will only stand to benefit from the extra protection, and while contracting and construction injuries are preventable, they are not impossible or even improbable. Maintain workplace safety and ensure more protection for your future.

How personal injury claim solicitor can help you claim compensation for personal injuries

What is a personal injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a legal case you can start if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s fault. It’s the process of recovering compensation from person or company who is responsible for your injury.Personal injury claim solicitor handles your case and helps you in getting the maximum compensation for injury claims. personal injury claim solicitor

Who is a Personal Injury Claim Solicitor?

Personal injury claim solicitors are the lawyers which will take your case to the court and they are there to make things easier for you and your family. They not only help you claim your compensation, solicitors could also help you access the rehabilitation, medical care and support you need to make the best recovery possible.  

Types of Personal Injuries you can claim for:

It’s important to understand the types of personal injury claims and find a personal injury claim solicitor who specializes in the specifics of your case. Here are some of the most common types of personal injury claims. injury claim solicitors
  • Injuries at work
  • Road Accidents
  • Criminal injuries
  • Industrial Diseases
  • Defective products
  • Defective Equipment
  • Accidents abroad
  • Medical Negligence
  • Slips and fall
  • Accidents at public places
  • Poisoning Claims
  • Violence and Sexual abuse Claim
  • Accidents involving children
  • Accidents at school
  • Holiday Accidents and injuries
  • Warehouse injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Accidents at home

Benefits of hiring a Personal Injury Claim Solicitor:

Hiring a personal injury solicitor provides a peace of mind. Here are few benefits of hiring a injury claim solicitors:


Many solicitors offer a free initial consultation and will be able to tell you if you have a justifiable claim.

Expert Opinion:

These solicitors are experts at law and know how to handle individual cases. They can also get you help from medical experts to examine your case and set out details of your injury so that you can make a claim accordingly.

Evaluation of your Claim:

A personal injury solicitor estimates the value of the claim for your injury. They will also ask your desired claim and will let you know whether it’s achievable or not.

Settling the Matter:

If both parties i.e. the claimer and the defendant agree on the figure offered then the matter can be settled without going to the court.

Dealing with Insurance Companies:

A personal injury claim solicitor will deal with insurance companies and there will not be extra burden on you.


Injury claim solicitors usually work in teams, they are experts in investigating each case in depth. They are specialized in this area and will skillfully examine the technical aspects of your case.

Improves Your Odds:

No matter how much you prepare yourself, you just won’t be able to give your best in a fight with insurance companies. The insurance company knows that it has far more knowledge and bargaining power and will use this to ensure that you get the lowest settlement possible.

Managing all records:

Your personal injury solicitor will ask you for all the records related to your injury. He will keep records of all documents, medical reports, bills for you.

Reduced stress:

If you hire a personal injury claim solicitor, the solicitor will take care of all the tasks related to your claim. The end result will be reduced stress to you.


Your personal injury solicitor can act as a negotiator between two parties. Both parties can come to a settlement without going to court which makes things less complicated. personal injury claim solicitor

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors:

It is a conditional fee agreement where there is no financial risk to you. A “No Win No Fee” arrangement means if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Quite simply, your solicitor will take on your case and, if you don’t win any compensation, you won’t need to pay any of your solicitor’s costs.

Claim for Personal Injuries

Claim for Personal Injuries depends upon the part of body which is effected by accident. It also depends on the severity of the injuries, it may be a mild, moderate or extreme injury.Our car Personal injury claim specialist will help you claim the maximum compensation you deserve. For a typical injury compensation please click here.

Personal Injury Claims – Frequently Asked Questions 2017 updated (FAQs)

Is there any time limit for making claim?

Yes, there are various strict time limits within which you must start a legal action in a personal injury claim. These time limits vary and can depend on the accident circumstances and the nature of your injuries. Generally, there is a limit of 3 years for injury claims from the date of the accident to make a claim which can be asked by your personal injury claim solicitor. It is very important to remember the date of the incident.  

What kind of evidence will I need for my injury claims?

Collect as much evidence as possible. Pictures and videos of the incident, police reports, medical reports, witness testimony, receipts for each medical expense, rehabilitative care, loss of income, travel expenses, home adjustment due to injury and other expenses due to injury.  

Can I take initial steps on my own without the help of a personal injury claim solicitor?

It is advised not to take steps all by yourself. Contact a personal injury/accident solicitor as soon as possible.  personal injury claims -FAQs

What will I be able to recover compensation for?

It’s very difficult to tell someone what they can claim for right away as personal injury compensation varies from case to case. It depends on the type of injury and nature of the accident. Your personal injury claim solicitor would really need to examine your case to tell you more about the specifics of your situation   Things which are usually covered are:
  • Medical and rehabilitative care
  • Loss of income during recovery,
  • Any diminishment to the quality of the victim’s life.
  • You can also claim for all the pain and suffering you or someone you love has endured since the accident.

How much compensation can i get from my claims?

How much you can claim depends on the nature and severity of injury and damages that occurred in accident.You will need a detailed examination and discussion with your accident solicitor to estimate the costs and expenses covered in your compensation. The amount of compensation is determined by the part of body injured or affected and its severity.  

Can I get money for “pain and suffering” I endured due to injuries in my settlement?

Yes, you can. If you were injured due to someone else’s fault and it left you in pain and suffering, you can make a claim for it. Things like depression, anxiety, emotional distress etc. can also be considered for your injury claims.  

What is included in compensatory damages?

Compensatory damages cover the things you have lost due to your injury or bills you have paid due to injury. Things like medical expenses, missed time work, travel expenses nearly anything are covered in compensatory damages. Many kinds of injury that aren’t as straightforward, such as emotional distress is also considered.  

What are punitive damages?

Punitive Damages is the money which defendant has to pay on top of compensatory damages as a punishment. These kinds of damages are rarely awarded, and their purpose is to deter the defendant from similar actions in the future. Cases like fraud, bad faith and knowingly negligent behavior are listed in it.  

What questions can I expect to be asked for my claim?

Some questions that may be asked for making a claim may include the following:
  • What types of illnesses and injuries have you suffered from during your life?
  • Have you previously been involved in any other lawsuits or legal claims (i.e. workers’ compensation)?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident?
  • Did you file an insurance claim?
  • What is the nature of your injury?
  • What is your job history?
  • How has your injury affected your life?
  • When was your last treatment?

What is a No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Claim Solicitor?

A “No Win No Fee” arrangement means if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Quite simply, your solicitor will take on your case and, if you don’t win any compensation, you won’t need to pay cost of any of your personal injury claim solicitor or accident solicitor.

personal injury claim solicitor

Claim for Personal Injuries

Claim for Personal Injuries depends upon the part of body which is effected by accident. It also depends on the severity of the injuries, it may be a mild, moderate or extreme injury.Our car Personal injury claim specialist will help you claim the maximum compensation you deserve. For a typical injury compensation please click here.

Safety tips to avoid pedestrian accidents or road accident.

Pedestrian accidents are preventable but are a common occurrence. It is a duty of both driver and pedestrians to be aware of their responsibilities. On average, nearly 400 people rush to hospitals in road related accidents each day. Here is a list of few steps both drivers and pedestrians should follow in order to maintain road safety and to avoid road accident. pedestrian accident

Tips for Drivers

  • Don’t Use phone while Driving:

Drivers using mobile for texting, making calls, changing music or using navigation apps lack concentration on the road and they may hit someone on road. So, whenever you need to use phone, stop your car somewhere on the side and then use it.This will minimize the chance of any road accident.
  • Obey traffic signals:

Drivers should strictly follow traffic rules and signals.
  • Park Carefully:

Look to your left and right, and proceed slowly when moving back out of driveways and parking spaces.
  • Slowdown In busy areas:

When approaching crosswalks, market areas, intersections, school zones, hospital zones or any area where pedestrians might be present.
  • Keep all mirrors and windshield clean:

Make sure all mirrors i.e Rearview, side mirrors and Windshields are in working conditions and there in not fog or dirt on them. Adjust position of each mirror according to your view.
  • Slow down to avoid road accident:

especially when approaching crosswalks, intersections, school zones or any area where pedestrians might be present.
  • Use appropriate lights:

Make sure to turn on lights when it’s dark or near to dark.
  • Reduce your speed in bad weather conditions:

Roads become slippery during rains and there is less control of vehicle. Take extra time for breaks as sudden breaks may not work or it may lead to car flip over. Avoid sharp turns in such conditions. Turn on windshield wipers during rain.
  • Use indicators and signals:

Always use indicators while moving left, right or changing lanes. Slow down when proceeding through a crosswalk or intersection, and be aware of pedestrians on the sidewalk.
  • The right-of-way:

It is driver’s responsibility to create the right of way for pedestrians. They need to be especially careful at intersections.
  • Be responsible:

It is driver’s responsibility to ensure pedestrians’ safety, give them time and way to cross, slow down when needed, horn when needed, try not to rush when there is a busy road. road accident

Tips for Pedestrians

  • Don’t Use phone while walking:

People are usually busy in texting, making calls, changing music or using navigation apps while walking on the road side and they are unaware of their surroundings. Eventually this can lead to accidents. So whenever you need to use phone, stop on side and then use it..
  • Stay aware:

Avoid using headphones or using your cell phone, which can prevent you from hearing approaching traffic or may distract you.
  • Increase visibility:

Make sure you are visible enough at night and be seen by carrying a flashlight or by wearing retro-reflective clothing that helps to highlight body movements.
  • Be attentive to stop lights and painted signs:

Walk only when you are given a walking signal and don’t rush to cross the road when lights change. Speeding drivers may not be able to stop vehicles suddenly.
  • Use sidewalks:

As a pedestrian, it is your responsibility to walk on a sidewalk, but if you need to change your path, walk facing oncoming traffic
  • Use signals:

Use signals and wait for your turn. Walk when signal is red. Or in some cases there are separate pedestrian signals. Follow those for your safety.
  • Cross street safely:

Always stop and look left, right, and left again before crossing. When possible, cross the street by using a crosswalk.
  • Read road signs:

Always read road signs and be alert.
  • Be predictable and alert when crossing:

look for speeding drivers that may not have enough time to slow down before reaching the red light or stop sign.
  • Do not walk alone if you are drunk:

Call a taxi, a friend, or a family member to give you a ride or walk with you.  

Claim for Personal Injuries

Claim for Personal Injuries depends upon the part of body which is effected by accident. It also depends on the severity of the injuries, it may be a mild, moderate or extreme injury.Our car Personal injury claim specialist will help you claim the maximum compensation you deserve. For a typical injury compensation please click here.

How much Compensation for Road traffic accidents or Car accident, Complete guide

Road accidents are one of the most common incidents that may lead us to major health and money loss. If you’ve been injured in a car accident or road accident and suffered injuries as a result then you can claim compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, if it was not your fault.  
car accident
car accident and road traffic accident

Reasons for Car Accidents:

  1. Lack of knowledge of road signs
  2. Drunk drivers
  3. Use of mobile phones
  4. Lack of sleep
  5. Inexperienced drivers
  6. Poor road or weather conditions

What to do immediately after road accident:

Things you should do after a car road accident are listed below:
  • Move your car to a safe place, if accident is minor. Turn on hazard lights and use warning signs.
  • In case of minor injuries move to a hospital. For major injuries call an ambulance for help, do not move and try to keep calm.
  • Call police even it’s a minor accident.
  • Immediately note down information including name, number, license plate, insurance information of all involved and take evidences of the damage and part of the road where the accident took place by taking photos and videos.
  • Notify your insurance agent immediately to start the claim process.

Types of Vehicle Accidents:

Accidents can happen in a number of ways and each of them have their own unique circumstances, some of the common accident types, however, include:
  • Rear-end collision
  • Front end collisions
  • Side-hits
  • Hit and runs
  • Pedestrian collisions
  • Parking accidents
  • Multiple vehicle collisions
road accident
road accident

Damages due to Road Accidents:

Personal injuries

  • Whiplash
  • Burns from skidding on the road surface
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal injuries, often coming with whiplash
  • Head injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Soft tissues damage
  • Cuts, Bruises, lacerations
  • Temporary Paralysis
  • Permanent paralysis
  • Death

Vehicle damages:

Minor Damages: Typically includes scratches, scrapes or dings. For example, a cracked headlight or small dent. Moderate Damages: Includes large dents in the hood, fender or door of your car. If the doors won’t open, or if airbags have deployed, you likely have a moderate amount of damage to your car. Severe Damage: This includes broken axles and bent or twisted frames. In a severe damage situation, airbags have almost always deployed. Examples include if your car has rolled over, or a complete side of the car is damaged.   Some more examples of Vehicle damage are given below:
  • Specific body damages
  • Technical Damages
  • Technical and body damages
  • Electrical Issues
  • Engine issues
  • Rattles

Property Damages:

  • Broken Doors or windows
  • Broken Tiles
  • Garden Damages

How much Compensation for Road traffic accidents or Car accidents:

How much you can claim depends on the nature and severity of injury and damages that occurred in accident.   Special damages cover the following;
  • Travel expenses.
  • Prescription costs.
  • Medical care.
  • Loss of earnings, future and past that are directly concerned with the incident and injury
  • Any loss in job opportunities, pensions, job promotions.
  • Household assistance.
  • Home adaptation.
  • Vehicle Damage.

Claim for Personal Injuries

Claim for Personal Injuries depends upon the part of body which is effected by accident. It also depends on the severity of the injuries, it may be a mild, moderate or extreme injury.Our car accident lawyer will help you claim the maximum compensation you deserve. For a typical injury compensation please click here.

Hospital Misdiagnosis of Fracture Can Lead to Clinical Negligence Claims.

Fracture can occur in any part of the body. Medical negligence or clinical negligence occurs when a doctor or any other medical specialist handles the case carelessly of the injury too complex to be recognized at an early stage. Most commonly overlooked fractures include spine, shoulder, skull, jaw, legs, arms, ribs, ankles, foot, humerus, wrist, elbow and hip. This misdiagnosis can lead to clinical negligence claims.
clinical negligence claims
bone fracture misdiagnosis
Misdiagnosis may include wrong diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or failure to recognize symptoms of the problem at early stage. Patient’s negligence and carelessness can also become cause of injury or it may lead to critical situation. Minor fractures may heal with time without special treatment but for major fractures need proper examination and might lead to surgeries.  

Causes of Misdiagnosis:

  • Lack of skill of medical professional
  • Patient unable to explain the symptoms or injury
  • Doctor unable to witness symptoms of injury or it was not clearly evident
  • Patient overlooked pain after diagnosis and it led the injury to aggravate
  • Faulty equipment
  • Improper angle of scanning
  • Misinterpretation of scan results
  • Doctors missed to ask for required Scans
  • Doctor asked for wrong type of scanning
  • Scan was not properly examined
  • Inexperienced scanning technician
  • Less training and poor supervision of junior doctors and technicians
  • Error in test results
clinical negligence claims
clinical negligence claims

Results of misdiagnosed Fractures:

  • Constant pain
  • Blood clot
  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Less mobility of body
  • Swelling

Claims for misdiagnosis/ clinical negligence claims :

Time limits of claims:

Every negligence claim has a time limit associated with it and one cannot make a claim after that. For most of the injuries the time limit is of 3 years after the treatment. So, it is important to contact medical malpractice lawyer/ medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible.  

Nature and extent of injury:

Medical negligence claims can vary according to the nature of Injuries. some are severe, some moderate and some minor. Injury may be temporary which sometimes heals with time or it may be permanent which will affect patient’s life forever. To make a claim you must think of the damages occurred from a financial point of view. A person may not be able to continue his job. Victim may have to pay travel expenses, medical expenses, house adjustments, equipment expenses and so on. All these factors are considered while making a claim. If you are not familiar to lawsuit and are confused whether you are eligible to make a claim or not, you should take an expert’s help. Many of them offer “NO WIN NO FEE” agreements. Which is best suited for you if you want to avoid any financial risks. In no win no fee rule, if you win the case you will have to pay fee to your solicitor. If you lose you will not have to pay any fee to your solicitor.  

Things you need to keep for medical compensation:

  • Details of the incident
  • Date and time of incident
  • Date and time of treatment
  • Medical professionals involved in your case
  • Medical bills
  • Record of expenses due to injury
  • Past and current medical records
  • Scans and results of scans
  • Details of impacts of injury on your life
  • Guidance of expert medical witness

What You Need to Know about Stress at work Compensation & Psychological Injury Claims

You are entitled to stress at work compensation if you ever suffered from psychological injury due to excess of work or reasons mentioned below. The impact of psychological injury can be enormous on someone’s life. Psychological injuries can happen through different type of accidents and incidents. Psychological injuries can deeply influence the behavior and can cause trauma, anxiety and other psychological injuries which are often too difficult to diagnose. Signs of psychological injury include the following; anger, depression, anxiety, lethargy and insomnia. These indicators can severely hinder the victim’s life making it difficult for them to work, or making them to pay for expensive medical treatments. Psychological injury compensation can go a long way to provide financial assistance to people suffering from these devastating
stress at work
stress at work compensation claims
• Who can claim for psychological injury? Following is a list of accidents and incidents that can cause psychological injury: • Road Accidents • Accidents at Work • Exploitation at work • Armed Forces Accidents • Terrorist Incidents • Harassment at Work • Stress at work Road Accidents Road accidents are common reasons for the beginning of psychological injury and result in anxiety and panic attacks. Accidents at Work Like road accidents, psychological injury at work can result from accidents and effect symptoms such as anxiety. It can also result in stress at work place. Exploitation Physical/sexual/verbal exploitation can cause depression and anxiety. Armed Forces Accidents Many armed forces suffer symptoms such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after incidents in the field. Terrorist Incidents Compensation arrangements are accessible for people who have suffered injury – including psychological –in terror attacks in United Kingdom or abroad. Harassment or Stress at Work Verbal or sexual harassment at work can cause psychological injury, including anxiety and depression. It can also result in stress at work. This also includes the load of work at office which results in anxiety and stress. You can easily claim compensation if you have experienced the above mention causes.
stress at work compensation
Stress at work compensation and Psychological Injury Claims
This list is by no means complete as many mishaps and occurrences can cause psychological injury. If you have underwent psychological injury that you have confidence in that it was triggered an incident where you were not at fault then please call for our professional advice. We understand the need for sensitivity and support in management psychological injury cases and we can reassure you that we will do everything to make your case as strong as possible. We are experienced experts who have handled many cases like yours, providing sufferers with compensation to help them through their condition. If you have confidence in you have underwent a psychological trauma following a traumatic incident containing you or your loved one, you may be able to claim compensation. For information, get in touch with our professional personal injury lawyers.

Backbone Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Spinal cord is the controlling part of our body. It transfers messages between brain and rest of our body. If something bad happens to the spinal cord, your body may not be able to function properly. Spinal cord injuries are both temporary and permanent. causes Some Major Causes of Backbone injuries are: 1) Poor Posture/ movement/ lifting/ everyday Activities: Poor posture is one of the main causes of neck and backbone pain. Good posture helps spine to maintain balance and alignment of spine.People who work in offices generally suffer from this kind of back pain. 2) Sports/ Recreational Accidents : Sports activities such Weight lifting or diving in shallow water cause several backbone injuries.People who try to lift more than the usual without getting in form usually end up in back pains. 3) Violence, Gunshot ,Stabbing: With the increase of weapon use in urban areas, spinal cord injuries are becoming common. Gunfights, stabbing and violence at home and street fights result in major permanent injuries and most of them. 4) Work Accidents: Work related injuries such as construction site injuries may cause permanent or temporary disabilities. Workplace injuries are caused by falls, slips, heavy lifting. Defective tools and equipment can also be the cause of injuries at work. 5) Vehicle Accidents : Road accidents are leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Accounting for about 30-35% of the backbone injuries.A road accident can be traumatic that crushes, compresses, dislocates or fractures one or more of the vertebrae. 6) Slips and Falling Accidents: back injuries may be caused by both kind of falls,fall from height or fall from same level 7) Diseases: Such as Cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis and inflammation of the spinal cord, Spinal Stenosis (it is Compression of cord by Tumor) or infection may cause spinal cord injuries. How to avoid them: 125677-OQW1ZB-362 1. At construction site, tanks must be covered, as well as anything fence everything that might put someone at risk. 2. Health and safety measurements shall be strictly followed and every worker should have safety training. 3. While working in office ,don't sit in one position for too long. Stretch your body after some time. 4. Maintain a good body posture, your spine have three natural curves, avoid too straight or too bent back. 5. Use testified tools and equipments at work 6. Don't lift heavy objects all of a sudden. Prevent twisting and sudden movements while trying to stand up. 7. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Avoid obesity. Weight gain results in backbone problems. 8. While diving into water, make sure water is deep enough so that you don’t hit the ground 9. Hire a trainer or instructor before heavy weight lifting. Always keep someone along with you while using heavy weights or bench presses 10. Keep floors dry. In case of wet or slippery floor , safety floor signs must be used. 11. Fasten your seatbelts while driving , 12. Make muscle stretching a habit. it will make your body flexible and chances of backbone problems will be less. 13. In case of any serious injury, try to avoid moving. Call 999 or First aid for help.