Six most common workplace injuries

In recent years, there have been an estimated 600,000 work related injuries in the UK. It is important to know your rights regarding workplace accidents, you COULD be due compensation. Below is a countdown of 6 of the most commonly occurring workplace injuries.

6. Cuts and Lacerations: Often in the workplace there are multiple items that can cause the user to end up being cut, common examples include the use of power tools and paper trimmers. Employers can reduce the risk of these injuries by ensuring safe equipment and proper training.

5. Crashes and Collisions: Usually occurring in specific industries, namely those involving driving a van, lorry, forklift etc. The type of injury caused can vary from minor strains to severe life altering injures. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide training and up to date safety equipment.

4. Repetitive Strain Injury: The causes of RSI can include forceful and repetitive activity, or even poor posture. It is becoming increasingly common in the workplace, although it may seem a minor injury at the start, the effect over time can be very severe.

3. Falling Objects: A common cause of head injuries at the workplace. Usually objects are dropped by other people or from high up shelves. Employers can prevent this type of injury being occurred by ensuring all items are safely placed and providing safety equipment such as safety helmets.

2. Strained muscles : Particularly common in industries which include heavy lifting, this type of injury has been prominent for a very long time. Commonly causing spinal or neck injuries, employers can reduce the risk of muscle strains occurring by providing effective training.

1. Slip, Trip or Fall : The most common type of work related injury, mainly due to the fact there is a risk of occurrence regardless of industry. However, while being the most common they are also seen as one of the most easily avoidable. Proper maintenance of the working environment, for example cleaning spillages, closing cupboard doors should prevent this type of injury from occurring.

If you are suffering from any of the above injuries, an injury claim can be made to get the rightful compensation. If you think you deserve compensation for your injury due to any reason, please fill out this quick Claim Form to get an estimation of your claim.