Hospital Misdiagnosis of Fracture Can Lead to Clinical Negligence Claims.

Fracture can occur in any part of the body. Medical negligence or clinical negligence occurs when a doctor or any other medical specialist handles the case carelessly of the injury too complex to be recognized at an early stage. Most commonly overlooked fractures include spine, shoulder, skull, jaw, legs, arms, ribs, ankles, foot, humerus, wrist, elbow and hip. This misdiagnosis can lead to clinical negligence claims.
clinical negligence claims
bone fracture misdiagnosis
Misdiagnosis may include wrong diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, or failure to recognize symptoms of the problem at early stage. Patient’s negligence and carelessness can also become cause of injury or it may lead to critical situation. Minor fractures may heal with time without special treatment but for major fractures need proper examination and might lead to surgeries.  

Causes of Misdiagnosis:

  • Lack of skill of medical professional
  • Patient unable to explain the symptoms or injury
  • Doctor unable to witness symptoms of injury or it was not clearly evident
  • Patient overlooked pain after diagnosis and it led the injury to aggravate
  • Faulty equipment
  • Improper angle of scanning
  • Misinterpretation of scan results
  • Doctors missed to ask for required Scans
  • Doctor asked for wrong type of scanning
  • Scan was not properly examined
  • Inexperienced scanning technician
  • Less training and poor supervision of junior doctors and technicians
  • Error in test results
clinical negligence claims
clinical negligence claims

Results of misdiagnosed Fractures:

  • Constant pain
  • Blood clot
  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Less mobility of body
  • Swelling

Claims for misdiagnosis/ clinical negligence claims :

Time limits of claims:

Every negligence claim has a time limit associated with it and one cannot make a claim after that. For most of the injuries the time limit is of 3 years after the treatment. So, it is important to contact medical malpractice lawyer/ medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible.  

Nature and extent of injury:

Medical negligence claims can vary according to the nature of Injuries. some are severe, some moderate and some minor. Injury may be temporary which sometimes heals with time or it may be permanent which will affect patient’s life forever. To make a claim you must think of the damages occurred from a financial point of view. A person may not be able to continue his job. Victim may have to pay travel expenses, medical expenses, house adjustments, equipment expenses and so on. All these factors are considered while making a claim. If you are not familiar to lawsuit and are confused whether you are eligible to make a claim or not, you should take an expert’s help. Many of them offer “NO WIN NO FEE” agreements. Which is best suited for you if you want to avoid any financial risks. In no win no fee rule, if you win the case you will have to pay fee to your solicitor. If you lose you will not have to pay any fee to your solicitor.  

Things you need to keep for medical compensation:

  • Details of the incident
  • Date and time of incident
  • Date and time of treatment
  • Medical professionals involved in your case
  • Medical bills
  • Record of expenses due to injury
  • Past and current medical records
  • Scans and results of scans
  • Details of impacts of injury on your life
  • Guidance of expert medical witness