Eight Things You Must Do After a Car Accident

1. STOP: Even in the case of a minor collision you must immediately stop. Failing to do so is an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

2. TURN ON YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS: To avoid causing further accidents, you must inform other road users that an incident has taken place. To do so switch off your engine and turn on your hazard lights.

3. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION: If someone has been majorly injured during the accident, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If the assistance paramedics are required, call 999 as soon as possible and ask for an ambulance.

4. CALL THE POLICE: Even in the case of a minor collision it is important to inform the police that an accident has taken place, this can be done by calling either 999 or 101.Make sure you can give the police an accurate description of what has taken place. If you are uncertain of some facts, make this clear to the officer rather than guessing. For example, if you are asked if anyone has been injured and you are not certain, it’s best to make this clear rather than saying no, often pain and injuries from road traffic accidents start to appear hours after the collision.

5. TAKE PICTURES: It is important to provide as much information as possible to your insurance company and the police, therefore use a camera or a phone to take as many pictures as possible of vehicle damage, any visible injuries and the location of where the accident took place.

6. EXCHANGE INFORMATION: Make sure to exchange information with the other driver. Avoid saying sorry or accepting blame for the accident at this time. It is important to gather the following details from the driver:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Vehicle Registration, Color and Model
    • Car Insurance company and details
    • Details of any witnesses at the scene

7. NOTIFY YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY: Most policies want to be informed as soon as possible if an accident has taken place. Share with the insurance company all of the details of the accident, including how it happened and the other driver’s information. It is crucial to provide full cooperation.

8. SPEAK TO AN INJURY EXPERT: If in the days following the road traffic accident, you start to notice any pain, injury or discomfort because of the accident, it is crucial to consult a personal injury claims lawyer about any compensation you may deserve. Personal injury lawyers work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, so there would not by any legal fees unless you receive compensation. You can claim for an injury up to 3 years after an accident has taken place, please Fill our 30 Seconds Claim Form if you feel you deserve compensation.