Personal Injury Claims – Frequently Asked Questions 2017 updated (FAQs)

Is there any time limit for making claim?

Yes, there are various strict time limits within which you must start a legal action in a personal injury claim. These time limits vary and can depend on the accident circumstances and the nature of your injuries. Generally, there is a limit of 3 years for injury claims from the date of the accident to make a claim which can be asked by your personal injury claim solicitor. It is very important to remember the date of the incident.  

What kind of evidence will I need for my injury claims?

Collect as much evidence as possible. Pictures and videos of the incident, police reports, medical reports, witness testimony, receipts for each medical expense, rehabilitative care, loss of income, travel expenses, home adjustment due to injury and other expenses due to injury.  

Can I take initial steps on my own without the help of a personal injury claim solicitor?

It is advised not to take steps all by yourself. Contact a personal injury/accident solicitor as soon as possible.  personal injury claims -FAQs

What will I be able to recover compensation for?

It’s very difficult to tell someone what they can claim for right away as personal injury compensation varies from case to case. It depends on the type of injury and nature of the accident. Your personal injury claim solicitor would really need to examine your case to tell you more about the specifics of your situation   Things which are usually covered are:
  • Medical and rehabilitative care
  • Loss of income during recovery,
  • Any diminishment to the quality of the victim’s life.
  • You can also claim for all the pain and suffering you or someone you love has endured since the accident.

How much compensation can i get from my claims?

How much you can claim depends on the nature and severity of injury and damages that occurred in accident.You will need a detailed examination and discussion with your accident solicitor to estimate the costs and expenses covered in your compensation. The amount of compensation is determined by the part of body injured or affected and its severity.  

Can I get money for “pain and suffering” I endured due to injuries in my settlement?

Yes, you can. If you were injured due to someone else’s fault and it left you in pain and suffering, you can make a claim for it. Things like depression, anxiety, emotional distress etc. can also be considered for your injury claims.  

What is included in compensatory damages?

Compensatory damages cover the things you have lost due to your injury or bills you have paid due to injury. Things like medical expenses, missed time work, travel expenses nearly anything are covered in compensatory damages. Many kinds of injury that aren’t as straightforward, such as emotional distress is also considered.  

What are punitive damages?

Punitive Damages is the money which defendant has to pay on top of compensatory damages as a punishment. These kinds of damages are rarely awarded, and their purpose is to deter the defendant from similar actions in the future. Cases like fraud, bad faith and knowingly negligent behavior are listed in it.  

What questions can I expect to be asked for my claim?

Some questions that may be asked for making a claim may include the following:
  • What types of illnesses and injuries have you suffered from during your life?
  • Have you previously been involved in any other lawsuits or legal claims (i.e. workers’ compensation)?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident?
  • Did you file an insurance claim?
  • What is the nature of your injury?
  • What is your job history?
  • How has your injury affected your life?
  • When was your last treatment?

What is a No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Claim Solicitor?

A “No Win No Fee” arrangement means if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Quite simply, your solicitor will take on your case and, if you don’t win any compensation, you won’t need to pay cost of any of your personal injury claim solicitor or accident solicitor.

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Claim for Personal Injuries

Claim for Personal Injuries depends upon the part of body which is effected by accident. It also depends on the severity of the injuries, it may be a mild, moderate or extreme injury.Our car Personal injury claim specialist will help you claim the maximum compensation you deserve. For a typical injury compensation please click here.