Reasons of Road Accidents in United Kingdom

Common Causes of Road Traffic Accidents United Kingdom is generally considered as one of the safest country for driving in the world. The traffic is increasing every day and in the same way the safety features for the consumers driving the cars, buses are also increasing from the manufacturers of these automobiles. The general public awareness regarding road safety, speed limitations, tighter regulations is also vastly improved in the recent times. There were 1,732 reported road deaths in 2015, a decrease of 2% compared with 2014. This is the second lowest annual total on record after 2013. There were 45 per cent fewer fatalities in 2015 than a decade earlier in 2006. (Department of Transport). According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), some of the leading causes of fatal road accidents in the UK include: 1. Careless/Aggressive Driving 2. Drink Driving 3. Not wearing a seat belt 4. Drivers who don’t look 5. Respect the speed limits Careless driving is one of the most common reasons in road accidents around the world. Drivers usually are overconfident and ignore the situations like weather, over speeding the vehicle. They believe that they are in control of the vehicle they are driving but that’s not the case always and results in an accident. Drink driving is also very common reason of road accidents in UK. People usually lose their control after drink driving and cause an accident. In this way an innocent can be hurt and lose their life. It is very important for the victim to be in touch with an expert accident lawyer and claim the compensation. Seat belt is the most important safety tool for driver and it saved millions of lives around the world not just in UK. Seat belts are the most effective precaution that a driver can take to save the head injury and it can help to prevent the instant death to the driver and others sitting in the car. Drivers who don’t look and always in a hurry to be somewhere will result in an accident. Those drivers who don’t look often ignore the people around them and it will be very dangerous for everyone around them and including themselves Speed thrills but kills. Every driver wants to experience the excitement of fast driving. These days there are number of car manufacturers unveiling their super-fast cars for the consumers so they can experience and show off the latest technology in terms of speed and style. But consumers should also realise that when they are cursing on the roads and there are people around them then it is their responsibility to drive within the speed limits and make sure to keep everyone including themselves safe. amputation_limbs_hero_img Make a compensation/Claim Road traffic accidents are one of the most common type of personal injury compensation claim in UK. While these accidents can happen to anyone you should contact to a qualified and capable accident lawyer who can help to claim the compensation for the victim. It is very important because many times victim is in traumatic and agonising situations after accident and needs an expert accident lawyer who can help him/her to get the compensation for injury claim.