What You Need to Know about Stress at work Compensation & Psychological Injury Claims

You are entitled to stress at work compensation if you ever suffered from psychological injury due to excess of work or reasons mentioned below. The impact of psychological injury can be enormous on someone’s life. Psychological injuries can happen through different type of accidents and incidents. Psychological injuries can deeply influence the behavior and can cause trauma, anxiety and other psychological injuries which are often too difficult to diagnose. Signs of psychological injury include the following; anger, depression, anxiety, lethargy and insomnia. These indicators can severely hinder the victim’s life making it difficult for them to work, or making them to pay for expensive medical treatments. Psychological injury compensation can go a long way to provide financial assistance to people suffering from these devastating
stress at work
stress at work compensation claims
• Who can claim for psychological injury? Following is a list of accidents and incidents that can cause psychological injury: • Road Accidents • Accidents at Work • Exploitation at work • Armed Forces Accidents • Terrorist Incidents • Harassment at Work • Stress at work Road Accidents Road accidents are common reasons for the beginning of psychological injury and result in anxiety and panic attacks. Accidents at Work Like road accidents, psychological injury at work can result from accidents and effect symptoms such as anxiety. It can also result in stress at work place. Exploitation Physical/sexual/verbal exploitation can cause depression and anxiety. Armed Forces Accidents Many armed forces suffer symptoms such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder after incidents in the field. Terrorist Incidents Compensation arrangements are accessible for people who have suffered injury – including psychological –in terror attacks in United Kingdom or abroad. Harassment or Stress at Work Verbal or sexual harassment at work can cause psychological injury, including anxiety and depression. It can also result in stress at work. This also includes the load of work at office which results in anxiety and stress. You can easily claim compensation if you have experienced the above mention causes.
stress at work compensation
Stress at work compensation and Psychological Injury Claims
This list is by no means complete as many mishaps and occurrences can cause psychological injury. If you have underwent psychological injury that you have confidence in that it was triggered an incident where you were not at fault then please call for our professional advice. We understand the need for sensitivity and support in management psychological injury cases and we can reassure you that we will do everything to make your case as strong as possible. We are experienced experts who have handled many cases like yours, providing sufferers with compensation to help them through their condition. If you have confidence in you have underwent a psychological trauma following a traumatic incident containing you or your loved one, you may be able to claim compensation. For information, get in touch with our professional personal injury lawyers.