Medical Negligence – Here to Help
Medical or Clinical Negligence Claims can arise out of many circumstances, especially when the treatment received was a negligence on behalf of the medical staff that was responsible for your treatment. We can broadly distinguish in to the following three categories.
  • A Mistake made by the medical professional whilst carrying out the treatment, such as wrong prescription or carrying out an operation incorrectly.
  • Non- performance of diagnosis or certain procedures that would have identified the illness.
  • Failure to obtain a full and appropriate consent before carrying out treatment or making the patient aware of the potential risks and side effects.
This clinical negligence can elevate the pain, injury, physiological and/or psychological problems. It can happen either at NHS or private medical practice either by a dentist, your GP or at the hospital.Although a clinical negligence claim is difficult to manage, an expert legal advice can help you make a valid claim.
How We Can Help You
The very first thing you need to do is to provide us with some of the basic information about yourself and your injury, this allows us to quickly allocate your case to the specialised injury claim adviser. In order to assess your case properly our injury specialist will give you a call to discuss your claim in detail to understand the nature and severity of the injury. Our initial advice is completely free of charge and if you are happy you can then instruct us to file your claim. Our solicitors treat each case distinctly and understand the physical, psychological and emotional needs of the clients. In some cases, depending on the needs and requirement of the rehabilitation process an interim payment can also be arranged to relieve you from the financial burdens and speed up the recovery process. Our initial assessment is completely free of charge, you will then be provided with a full and frank assessment of your burn injury claim. From day one you will be informed about every step of the way so you can plan for the future. Fill out our short contact form and discuss your injury with our friendly adviser. You can also call us on behalf of your loved ones and find out if we can help them get the compensation they deserve.
Our No Win No Fee* Guarantee
Our No Win, No Fee* service is based on the conditional fee agreement which means you will only pay the legal costs if you win the case and after you receive your compensation, this takes out any worries about your financial risks involved in the process.