Road Traffic Accidents
Every year thousands are injured during road traffic accidents, may it the driver, passengers or a pedestrian. The serious nature of many of these injuries have life changing repercussions and can have a drastic impact on personal or career ambition. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident which wasn’t your fault, getting the right help from experienced professionals is vital. Types of Road Traffic Accident claims;
  • Car accident compensation – a common type of road traffic accident is a car accident. Regardless if you are the driver, passenger or pedestrian. If you have been injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence, you have every right to seek compensation for the inconvenience and discomfort you have suffered. Common injury types resulting from car accidents include Whiplash, Brain Injury, Spinal Injury, Broken or fractured bones and in some circumstances paralysis. It is important to realise your rights when injured through the fault of an uninsured driver, you can still seek compensation.
  • Bicycle accident compensation- as cycling has become a more commonly used mode of transport in recent years, unfortunately so have road traffic accidents including cyclists. Similar to car accidents common injuries include Whiplash, Brain Injury, Spinal Injury and Broken or Fractured bones.
  • Whiplash and Neck injuries – while mentioned above, the regularity of whiplash injuries resulting from road traffic accidents places them in prominence. The symptoms can be extremely painful and can last up to a month, having an immense impact on personal and professional life of the victim. Use our calculator to see how much your whiplash claim may be worth.
  • Taxi or Bus passenger injuries- with both modes of transport used so frequently in modern Britain, there is inevitably some injuries caused through negligence. Commonly these include whiplash, spinal or back injuries, broken or fractured bones and brain injuries.
How to Make a Claim?
Complete our contact form to receive a call from an experienced claims management company who will recommend you to a specialist solicitor. You can only make a claim if you have been injured in the previous three years.